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S1 2009

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Weekly meeting times: 2 - 5pm Tuesdays


Please note that lecture venue for Week 1 is the K17 Level 3 Meeting Room.

Mid Session Demonstrations

Mid session demonstrations will take place on TBA. This is Week 5. See the notes and schedule for mid session demonstrations on this page

End of Session Demonstrations

Final, end of session demonstrations will take place on TBA. This is Week 12.

What you actually need to do for the final the class is described here (includes schedule of presentations).

Course Information

Learning and Teaching Philosophy

The focus of this course is on developing research and development skills in autonomous systems. Students will undertake a research project on robotics in groups of 3 or 4 students and in consultation with the course lecturing staff. This project will require students to develop course milestones, determine specific project deliverables, research existing literature and materials, develop solutions for their project tasks and communicate the results of their work through presentation, demonstration and a written technical report. Course staff will guide students in developing these skills. As a result, the major assessment items relate to the course project.

Course Aims

COMP4411 Experimental Robotics aims to introduce students to sophisticated robotics hardware and its use in solving real-world problems. The course involves formulating a research project together with goals and milestones to be completed in one semester.


Lecturer-in-charge: Claude Sammut (claude@cse.unsw.edu.au)
Lecturer: Maurice Pagnucco (morri@cse.unsw.edu.au)

Technical Support: John Zaitseff (zaitseff@cse.unsw.edu.au)


COMP4411 Experimental Robotics will be run in 2008 as a series of group based development projects. Each group will consist of about three people, who will collaborate in developing real robotics projects. It is hoped that each of the projects will form a platform for projects in succeeding years, creating a repository of locally developed robotic expertise.


Each group will be working on a different project, although some projects may be related to each other.  A list of suggested projects will be presented in lectures.

There is also a summary page of some of the equipment available for projects here.
Each week the whole class will meet for a 1 hour progress report session, to be held in the K17 Level 3 Robotics Lab.
Each project to have defined milestones and a final result.
Some projects are `take-home', while some projects are completely `in-lab'

In Week 7 there will a `mid-session' progress report to hand in. This report will be about 2 pages in length, and will consist of

The final assessment will consist of a project demonstration and accompanying technical report of the project. The final technical report will consist of:

Good projects may be electronically archived for reference by future students.


There is a `Tools' page, with useful software for Rug warriors and other robots, and particular documentation - it can be found here .

Session Schedule


To pass the subject a pass in all components is required.

Course Feedback and Improvement

Student feedback on this course will be obtained via electronic survey at the end of session, and will be used to make continual improvements to the course. Students are also encouraged to provide informal feedback during the session, and to let the lecturer in charge know of any problems, as soon as they arise. Suggestions will be listened to very openly, positively, constructively and thankfully, and every reasonable effort will be made to address them.

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