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First-Order Logic

Session 1, 2010


28 February:
I cannot offer the course this semester (s1 2011), because I cannot be sure I will be available for the whole semester. I don't know whether CSE is arranging for someone else to teach it, but I suspect not. If you would like to see it offered, either this semester or later, I suggest you contact the student office, expressing this wish.

12 December:
COMP 4415 gives you the basis to continue your study of logic in computer science.

The annual Logic Summer School is a highly recommended in-depth introduction to many aspects of logic important to computer science. The school is held for 2 weeks, usually in late January, and the fee for students is very low.

The European Masters in Computational Logic is a two year degree taken in two of five European universities.There are scholarships available for non-European students.