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School of Computer Science & Engineering
University of New South Wales

 Advanced Operating Systems 
 COMP9242 2002/S2 


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01-02 L4 Introduction and L4 API PS HTML
03 Caches PS HTML
Protection Mechanisms PS HTML
04 Microkernels & Client-Server Architectures PS HTML
05 Microkernel Performance PS HTML
Liedtke, On Mikrokernel Construction, SOSP '95, © ACM PS
Liedtke, Towards Real Mikrokernels, CACM '96, © ACM PS
Härtig et al, The Performance of Mikrokernel-Based Systems, SOSP '97, © ACM PS
06 Microkernel Implementation (L4/MIPS) PS HTML
07 Security (Greg Rose) PS
08 Page Tables (Chris Szmajda) PS
09 File Systems (Peter Chubb) PS HTML
10 SMP (and Real Time) PS HTML
12 Mungi (Part 1: Basics) PS HTML
13 Mungi (Part 2: Programming in Mungi) printer friendly HTML
13 Mungi (Part 3: More on Mungi) PS HTML
14 Hot Topics -- Cool Systems PS HTML

All lecture notes are available in three formats:
  1. the "topic" is linked to PDF slides which I use in lectures (note that these are unsuitable for printing);
  2. the PostScript symbol is linked to an 8-up version suitable for printing;
  3. the WWW symbol is linked to a minimally formatted HTML version.

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