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 COMP9242 2003/S2 

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Course Noticeboard
(Messages are posted in reverse chronological order)
Survey Results   (Posted by gernot, Tue 20 Jan)
The results of the on-line survey have finally been released.
Survey Released   (Posted by gernot, Thu, 13 Nov)
The on-line survey for the course has been released. You should have received email containing instructions. We would much appreciate if you would take a few minutes to fill in the survey.
Exam Available   (Posted by kevine, Thu, 13 Nov)
The final exam instructions are now available. They are complete except for the actual papers you will examine. The papers will be released as detailed in the instructions.
Provisional Exam Time   (Posted by gernot, Thu, 30 Oct)
As agreed in class, the exam will take place from 19:00 on Thursday 20 November to 19:00 on Friday 21 November. Please notify me immediately if this causes a problem.
M7, M8 and M9 released.   (Posted by benjl, Thu, 9 Oct)
The final milestones for the project have been released. M7 comes with a code update which should also fix a small bug in the network stack.
M5 and M6 released.   (Posted by benjl, Tue, 15 Sep)
Milestone 5 and 6 have been released. Also note the the project overview has been slightly modified. The demand paging milestone has reverted back to one milestone, however you have been given two weeks to complete it.
Updated sulima available   (Posted by benjl, Tue, 10 Sep)
A new version of Sulima has been released. This versions fixes some problems with serial ports. If you are using Sulima at home you should get the new version. The version on the school computers have already been updated.
Milestone 4 released   (Posted by benjl, Sun, 7 Sep)
Milestone 4 is now available in the project spec.
Milestone 3 released   (Posted by gernot, Fri, 29 Aug)
Milestone 3 is now available in the project spec.
Milestone 2   (Posted by kevine, Sun 24 Aug)
Milestone 2 is now available in the project spec.
Selected Papers available   (Posted by kevine, Fri 15 Aug)
A selection of the papers covered in lectures is now available.
UnOfficial L4Ka::Pistachio FAQ   (Posted by kevine, Fri 15 Aug)
I added a link from Doumentation to an UnOfficial L4Ka::Pistachio FAQ. It's a little lean at the memoent, expect it to evolve during the session.
Milestone 1   (Posted by kevine, Fri 15 Aug)
Milestone 1 is now available in the project spec.
Aurema Operating Systems Prize   (Posted by gernot, Fri 25 Jul)
The winner of last year's Aurema OS Prize is Andrew Baumann. He subsequently topped COMP9243. As he won't be able to win the prize twice, the top student of this year's COMP9242 has an excellent chance of winning this year's Aurema OS Prize!
Welcome to Advanced Operating Systems!   (Posted by gernot, Fri 25 Jul)
Note that the weight of the course has been reduced to 6UoC from this year in response to student feedback. The first lecture will be Thu, 31 July at 15:00 in OMB 145A. This is a particularly sucking room for the purpose, but all my attempts over the last 6 months to get that changed have failed, unfortunately.