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SOS Frequently asked questions

Question:I would like to be able to work from, is there anyway?

Answer: Yes, it is possible, there are two main ways you can achieve this:

Working over ssh
The easiest solution if you have a permanent 'net connection is to ssh into one of the asyst machines and do you work from there. You can then use Sulima or the actual hardware just as if you were in asyst. The main problem you run into here is how to reboot the machine. You can either use the kernel debugger to reboot the machine, or otherwise rely on someone physically in the lab to reset it for you.
Using the simulator at home
The other solution is to use Sulima. You can download this and install it on your home machine. You will also need cross-compilers (well, unless you have a MIPS machine at home!). You can either build these from source, or use these binaries

Question: When I try to boot, I get the following message:

mips12> boot sos.danielp No such file or directory

Answer: This message is misleading. It may also mean that you have not set the global read/execute permissions on the file. For example:

chmod a+rx /tftpboot/sos.danielp

Question: When I try to do an IPC with 64 message registers things break, even though 63 works fine.

Answer: There was a bug in L4::Pistachio header files. This has now been fixed. A make clean && make should fix things.

Last modified: 29 Aug 2003.