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School of Computer Science & Engineering
University of New South Wales

 Advanced Operating Systems 
 COMP9242 2005/S2 


Week    Topic    Print
01 Microkernels and L4 (Introduction)
02 L4 Programming (Introduction) PS
03 Caches (Software Perspective) PS
04 Security (Advanced Introduction) PS
05 Microkernels (In a bit more depth) PS
06 Virtual Machines (History and Current Research) PS
Virtual Machines (Itanium and vNUMA) PS
07 Microkernel Construction PS
08 Microkernel Construction PS
09 SMP and Locking PS
10 Why Events are a Bad Idea PS
Why Threads are a Bad Idea PS
File System Workloads PS
11 Byzantine Generals Problem PS
Farsite PS
Backtracking Intrusions PS
Tiny OS PS
12 Local OS Research (Cool opportunities for students) PS
13 Real-Time Systems PDF

All lecture notes are available in two formats:
  1. the "topic" is linked to PDF slides which I use in lectures (note that these are unsuitable for printing);
  2. the PostScript or PDF symbol is linked to an 6-up or 8-up version suitable for printing.

Last modified: 23 Nov 2005.