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 Advanced Operating Systems 
 COMP9242 2006/S2 
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CATEI Survey Results   (Posted by Gernot, Fri 17 Nov)
... are in. Uncensored results are published on the surveys page. Thanks to all participants for their feedback.
Exam Date Set   (Posted by Gernot, Mon 30 Oct)
As decided in class last Thursday, the exam will run from 10:00 on Tue, 21 November to 10:00 on Wed, 22 November.
Lecture slides printing issue   (Posted by Gernot, Thu, 14 Sep)
The issue with lecture slides not printing correctly is supposedly resolved by converting the PostScript files to PDF. I have done that now, please test, and let me know if they still don't print correctly.
Please do not send queries to individuals   (Posted by Gernot, Tue 22 Aug)
The primary support mechanisms for this course are the wiki and the consultations in the lab. Please mail the class account (cs9242@cse) for issues where those are not appropriate. Mail to individual lecturers or tutors may result in poor turnaround.
Web site live!   (Posted by gernot, 26 July, 2006)
The 2006 COMP9242 web site is now live. Please notify us if you find some information still left over from last year.