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 Advanced Operating Systems 
 COMP9242 2007/S2 
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Congratulations Josh Matthews!   (Posted by gernot, Wed 5 Dec)
Josh topped the class, a great achievement!
Exam info now up   (Posted by gernot, Sun 11 Nov)
The exam is now up. The actual papers will be available at the release time (4pm).
Selected papers now online   (Posted by kevine, 16 August, 2007)
Selected papers related to the course are now available online..
Week 3 lectures are up!   (Posted by kevine, 10 August, 2007)
The lecture slides for week 3 are now available.
Week 2 lectures are up!   (Posted by kevine, 8 August, 2007)
The lecture slides for week 2 are now available.
Project spec and resources up!   (Posted by kevine, 27 July, 2007)
The project spec and the sources to the project are now updated for 2007 and available. Let us know if you find anything amiss.
Web site live!   (Posted by kevine, 25 July, 2007)
The 2007 COMP9242 web site is now live. Please notify us if you find some information still left over from last year.