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Congratulations Prashant   (Posted by gernot, Fri, 28 Nov)
For topping the class!
Also, congratulations to the record number of 5 students who also got an HD. Well done, folks!
Exam solutions posted   (Posted by gernot, Sun 16 Nov)
I have posted a sample solution to the exam. This is an actual (real-time) student output.
Congratulations Michael and Prashant   (Posted by Gernot, Mon 27 Oct)
Michael and Prashant not only demonstrated a kernel bug (and were the first in several years to do so), but they are also the first COMP9242 students ever to submit a working patch for the bug. Well done!
First lecture video life now!   (Posted by gernot, Fri, 19 Sep)
The first video of the lecture (first technical 30 mins of the Week 1 lecture) is now available for viewing. Sorry about the proprietary format...
Friday consultation time changed   (Posted by nfd, Tue, 7 Sep)
The Friday consultation now starts half an hour earlier, at 11:50am.
Wednesday consultation removed   (Posted by nfd, Tue, 26 Aug)
Since the Wednesday consultation was poorly attended, we have removed it entirely. Other consultations haven't changed.
Wednesday consultation time changed   (Posted by nfd, Tue, 19 Aug)
The Wednesday consultation is now at 3pm, instead of 10am. Consultation times.
Consultation times are up   (Posted by gernot, Sun, 3 Aug)
The consultation times (as scheduled in the lecture) are now up.
Survey results are up   (Posted by gernot, Sun, 3 Aug)
I've finally posted the results of last years course surveys. This should have happened back in January. Apologies.
Lecture slides are up   (Posted by gernot, Wed, 30 July, 10:15)
The slides for the first lecture are up now. I'll generally aim to have the lecture slides up at least two hours before the lecture.
Reminder: First lecture is tomorrow, Wed, 12-3   (Posted by gernot, Tue 29 Jul)
The first lecture will be Wed, 30 Jul, 12:00 – 15:00. This will be followed by the second lecture Fri, 1 Aug, 14:00 – 17:00. There will be no lecture in Week 2. Regular schedule will commence with Friday lectures in Week3.

The lecture venue is the NICTA Seminar Room West, on Level 1 of the NICTA building, 223 Anzac Pde (Building L5). Enter via the big stairs and turn left.
About Friday's Lab   (Posted by gernot, Thu 23 July)
In the lab we'll hand out the lab kits (slugs) and get you going on the project. It's essential that you get there, not only to get your kit, but also to ensure that you can get going on the project without problems. You'll need that, as the first milestone is due a week after.

The first milestone (m0) will be done and demonstrated individually, but right after that you should team up in pairs for m1 and the rest of the project. So I recommend that you use the opportunity of the Week-0 lab to find a partner.
Week 0 Lab   (Posted by kevine, 23 July, 2008)
A notified in an earlier email, we will have a week 0 lab on Friday in the lecture time (at 2pm). The lab will be in the Oud lab.
Web site live!   (Posted by gernot, 17 July, 2008)
The 2008 COMP9242 web site is now live. Please notify us if you find some information still left over from last year.