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COMP9242 2013/S2 
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Stats   (Posted by Gernot, Thu 16 Jan)
I've updated the cumulated course statistics.
Congratulations Evgeny   (Posted by POSTER, DAY DD MON)
Congratulations Evgeny on topping the class and winning the AOS Alumni Prize!
Sample solutions are up   (Posted by Gernot, Wed, 27 Nov)
I've added sample solutions for the exam. They are real submissions from students in the class. Generally I was quite happy with the general performance in the exam, well done!
Exam preparation   (Posted by Gernot, Thu, 24 Oct)
In tomorrow's lecture we'll do a sample exam paper. Please read the page on exam preparation and read the sample paper!
COMP9242 Exam Date Set!   (Posted by Kevin, 18 Oct, 2013)
The 24hr take-home exam for the course will begin on Monday Nov 11th 12:00 PM (midday) and end on Tue Nov 12th 12:00 PM (midday).
Midsem break consults   (Posted by Adrian Danis, 30 Sep, 2013)
Consult times for the mid semester break are: Tuesday 2pm-3pm, Thursday 11am-12pm and Friday 3pm-4pm.
Code update   (Posted by Alex Kroh, 4 Sep, 2013)
The kernel scheduler time slice has been decreased from 200ms to 10ms to improve responsiveness. Update your code base is the usual way #changeset 5aefdeb20022.
Code update   (Posted by Alex Kroh, 16 Aug, 2013)
A recent performance optimisation in the kernel has had the side effect of limiting the amount of accessible physical memory. Unfortunately, the kernel was not told that it should no longer export this memory to user space. The result is a kernel data abort when user space attempts to access this memory. The bug has been fixed in changeset 8f21358e09cc. You will need to pull, update and merge to import the changes. Be sure to commit any outstanding changes before doing so.
Project pages being updated!   (Posted by Kevin, 31 Jul, 2013)
The project pages are in the process of being updated. I expect them to stabilise on Friday. Until they are finalised, expect them to be a guide only.
Web site live!   (Posted by Kevin, 25 Jul, 2013)
The 2013 COMP9242 web site is now live. Please notify us if you find some information still left over from last year.