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Course Surveys 2009

Gernot's Comments on CATEI Survey

This was impressively positive, across the board better than last year's (which already was very good). However, with a return ratio of 40%, not too much can be read into this.

Free-form comments

Nice to hear the positive comments on the tutors. They did indeed work very well.

I appreciate all the improvement suggestions, and think we can address most of them easily next time round. Specifically:

Gernot's Comments on LiC Survey

Many thanks to all students for taking the time to answer the course survey. A return rate of >80% is very good and makes the results highly representative.

The results mostly speak for themselves. The course seems to be in good shape, overall satsifaction was better than the previous year and possibly the highest ever (but given the small size of the class, the statisitical significance of this result is low, so should not be overrated).

Specific observations:

The rest are one-off comments. I'll look at them again before the beginning of next year's offering.

All up, that was a lot of useful feedback. Thanks to all those who submitted!


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