[CSE]  Advanced Operating Systems 
COMP9242 2016/S2 
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01 Gernot Introduction (Microkernels and seL4) MP4   MP4   MP4 PDF
02 Kevin OS Execution Models MP4 PDF
    Why Threads are a Bad Idea (for most purposes)   PDF
    Why Events are a Bad Idea (for high-concurrency servers)
Papers: [von Behren et al., 2003]
03 Gernot Virtual Machines
[Barham et al., 2003], [Waldspurger, 2002], [Dall & Nieh, 2014]
04 Kevin SMP and Locking
[Anderson, 1990], [Clements et al. 2013]
05 Gernot Performance Evaluation
[Fleming and Wallace, 1986] [Gernot's Benchmarking Crimes]
06 Gernot Caches (What every OS designer must know)
Papers: [Clark, Emer 1985], [Uhlig et al. 1994], [Wiggins 2003]
Book: [Schimmel 1994]
07 Peter Linux
Papers: [McKenney 2004], [McKenney et al 2009], [Ritchie & Thompson 1974]
08 Gernot Real-Time Systems
[Liu, 2000]
09 Gernot Microkernel Design (with focus on seL4)
Papers: [Liedtke 1993], [Liedtke 1995], [Blackham et al. 2012], [Elphinstone &Heiser 2013]

The schedule for future lectures is tentative and subject to change!

References in square brackets are recommended readings from the papers list.

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