Assignments in COMP9414/9814

There will be three assignments, and links to them will appear here when they are released:

TopicDue OutHand In
Prolog Programming Assignment Week 2 Thursday of week 5 (29 March 2012) at 11.55pm
Agents Assignment (ps) and (pdf)
Here is where to find, and some sample output
(to give you an idea what sort of output to expect after you have coded all your procedures)
Week 4 Week 8
Natural Language Processing Assignment

We will not have covered all the material in this assignment until week 9 or 10.

Week 9 Week 13

Assignments are to be completed in your own time.

They must be your own work. You may, however, ask the course consultants for advice if you get stuck, or can't see how to start. You can talk to friends and class mates, but must not share code.

You cannot learn to program by reading other people's programs, just as you cannot learn to play the piano by listening to someone else play. To learn to program, you have to write programs yourself from scratch. The purpose of the programming assignments in COMP9414 is to give you an opportunity and an incentive to learn to program in Prolog.

There will be Prolog programming questions on the final exam. These questions will be simple in the sense that they will involve a few lines of code each, and will not involve detailed knowledge of any particulary AI domain.

To maximise the learning benefits from doing the assignments, it is essential that you start work on assignments early. Do not leave your assignments to the last minute.

Late submission of assignments: Assignments submitted late are subject to the following penalty: the maximum mark obtainable reduces by 10% per day late, up to a maximum of 50%. Thus if the assignment is marked out of 10, and students A and B hand in assignments worth 9 and 7, both two days late, then the maximum mark obtainable is 8, so A gets min(9, 8) = 8 and B gets min(7,8) = 7. Assignments handed in over a month late, or after (if) a solution has been released, will normally receive no marks.