COMP9414/9814 Artificial Intelligence

Lecture Notes

Dates correct for 2012 - lecture content/order may however be varied.

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WeekLecture DateTopic
no lecture Course Introduction (html). Read this in O-week.
If you have questions, email or phone them to the Course Coordinator
27 Feb 2012 Intro to Artificial Intelligence (print off a copy if desired)
Introduction to Prolog Programming (print off a copy before 1st lecture)
2 Mar 2012 Extension Prolog Notes (weeks 2-3) (html)
5 Mar 2012 Prolog programming continued, plus Rules and Semantic Nets & Frames
9 Mar 2012Extension Prolog continued
12 Mar 2012 Problem Solving and Search (ps slides) (pdf slides)
Uninformed Search (ps slides) (pdf slides)
(print off copies of the lecture notes and the exercise sheet for Week 3)
Depth first search in Prolog Breadth first search in Prolog 8 Puzzle in Prolog
16 Mar 2012Class cancelled
19 Mar 2012 Machine Learning: Error Backpropagation Learning (html)
Machine Learning: Decision Tree Induction (ID3) (html)
23 Mar 2012 Interactive Activation and Competition Networks (html)
26 Mar 2012 Informed Search (ps slides) (pdf slides) A* search in Prolog
Intelligent Agents (ps slides) (pdf slides)
Assignment 2 (ps) (pdf)
30 Mar 2012Constraint Satisfaction Problems (Russell & Norvig: Chapters 6, 4.1)
2 Apr 2012 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (ps slides) (pdf slides)
Propositional Logic: Automated Reasoning (ps slides) (pdf slides)
Background reading from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Sections 1-4)
(also print off the exercise sheet for Week 5)
6 Apr 2012Public holiday for Good Friday - no lecture
Break9-13 April 2012Mid-session break week - no lectures
16 Apr 2012 First-Order Logic (ps slides) (pdf slides)
Logic and Prolog (ps slides) (pdf slides)
(also print off the exercise sheet for Week 6)
20 Apr 2012Axiom Systems for Propositional Logic (ps slides) (pdf slides)
23 Apr 2012 Reasoning Under Uncertainty (ps slides) (pdf slides)
(also print off the exercise sheet for Week 7)
27 Apr 2012Logic Programming and Resolution (Handouts supplied)
30 Apr 2012 Intro to Natural Language Processing + Syntax (pdf)
Grammars and Parsing (pdf)
4 May 2012The Monty Hall Problem (Handouts supplied)
7 May 2012 Features and Augmented Grammars (html)
Logical Form (html)
11 May 2012 Extension: Ambiguity Resolution - Statistical Methods (html) (weeks 9-10)
14 May 2012 Semantic Interpretation (html)
18 May 2012Ambiguity Resolution continued
21 May 2012 Revision: Revision exercises/sample exam questions (html) for material lectured by Bill.
Exam cover sheet
25 May 2012 Extension revision exercises/sample exam questions (html) for material lectured by Bill.
13 No lectures in week 13, but the nlp assignment is due on the Friday (and extnlp for COMP9814).
Purple background means the material is for COMP9814 students.

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