COMP9414 Artificial Intelligence
COMP9814 Extended Artificial Intelligence

Session 1, 2009

This course outline may be found on-line at http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~cs9414/intro-09s1.html

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A/Prof. Bill Wilson
Coordinator & Lecturer

A/Prof. Wayne Wobcke



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K17-405 Tue 2-3
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J17-433 Tue 3-4
except as noted below2
Fri 12 June: 2-4pm
Mon 15 June: 2-4pm
Fri 12 June: 11.30-1pm
Mon 15 June: 2-4pm

Demonstrators Ronnie Taib Han Xu Victor Jauregui
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    BillTue 17 March2.30pm-3.30pm same day
    WayneTue 5 May2.30pm-3.30pm same day

Units of credit

COMP9414 and COMP9814 earn you 6 Units of Credit. This signifies 25% of a full-time study load for one semester, and involves 12 weeks × 3 hours/week of lectures, plus programming assignment and labs work, as detailed below. [COMP9814 Extended Artificial Intelligence includes an extra "bonus" lecture each week or additional reading, depending on the number who enrol. Again, further details are shown below.]

Parallel Teaching Information

This course does not involve parallel teaching with undergraduates. Only COMP9414/COMP9814 students attend these classes. All students are postgraduates. Many are coursework postgraduates; some may be research students.

Plagiarism Information

Copying assignments is unacceptable. Assignments will be checked. The penalties for copying range from receiving no marks for the assignment, through receiving a mark of 00 FL for the course, to expulsion from UNSW (for repeat offenders). Allowing someone to copy your work counts as academic misconduct, and makes you liable to a penalty, even if you can prove that it is your work.

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Course Schedule

The actual lecture notes for the courses are linked at http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~cs9414/Lectures/index.html.

WeekLecture DateTopic 
0no lectureCourse intro: read this by yourself - see lecture notes link 
110 Mar 2009Intro to Prolog programming 
9 Mar 2009COMP9814: No lecture (starts week 2) 
17 Mar 2009Prolog continued; Rules and framesAsst 1 Out
16 Mar 2009COMP9814: Extension Prolog
24 Mar 2009Problem Solving and Search; Uninformed Search 
23 Mar 2009COMP9814: Extension Prolog continued
31 Mar 2009 Informed Search; Intelligent AgentsAsst 2 Out
30 Mar 2009COMP9814: Constraint Satisfaction Problems
7 Apr 2009 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Propositional Logic: Automated Reasoning
Asst 1 Due
6 Apr 2009COMP9814: Axiom Systems for Propositional Logic
"Mid"-session break week
21 Apr 2009 First-Order Logic; Logic and Prolog 
20 Apr 2009COMP9814: Logic Programming and Resolution
28 Apr 2009 Reasoning Under Uncertainty 
27 Apr 2009COMP9814: The Monty Hall Problem
5 May 2009 Intro to Natural Language Processing + SyntaxAsst 2 Due
Asst 3 Out
4 May 2009COMP9814: Planning
12 May 2009 Logical Form 
11 May 2009COMP9814: Ambiguity Resolution - Statistical Methods
19 May 2009 Features and Augmented Grammars; Semantic Interpretation 
18 May 2009COMP9814: Ambiguity Resolution - Statistical Methods (ctd)
26 May 2009 Machine Learning 
25 May 2009COMP9814: Interactive Activation and Competition Networks
2 Jun 2009 RevisionAsst 3 Due
1 Jun 2009COMP9814: Revision

Course Resource List

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