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Generic Reinforcement Learning algorithm modules: - the reinforcement learning algorithms. - uses the Q-values table to determine the best action. - interface for an RL world. - the implementation of the Cat and Mouse world.

Applet specific modules: - runs the Cat and Mouse game. - controls the reinforcement learner, RLearner. - fixed obstacle layouts which can be selected at startup. - draws an object used in the applet. - handles drawing of all objects for the applet. - main applet class that combines the above classes.

Archived versions of the final source code can also be downloaded in two differerent formats:

Unix tarball - catandmouse.tar.gz (45 K)
   Zip file - (56 K)

If you are using appletviewer to run the applet, you should use the command appletviewer in the directory where you have extracted the source code to.


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