COMP9519: Multimedia Systems

Prerequisite: COMP2011 or COMP2711 or COMP9024. Must have completed 12 UOC of level 3 or above courses.

Lecturers: Associate Professor Jian Zhang (Lecturer-in-Charge)

Lectures: Note: This course will not be delivered in S2 2011!

Consultation: Note: This course will not be delivered in S2 2011!

UOC: 6

Parallel Teaching

This course may be taken both by postgraduate students and senior undergraduate students

Learning Outcomes

Multimedia systems covers the key principles, techniques and applications of multimedia technology. Students who complete this course will have knowledge of

  • Basic concepts of image/video coding technology and compression standards
  • Basic concepts of internet streaming media
  • Fundamentals of multimedia content description and presentation
  • fundamentals of content based image and video retrieval techniques
  • Basic knowledge of multimedia database system -- indexing, browsing and retrieval
  • and familiarity at an introductory level with examples of audio, image and video processing techniques in multimedia systems. After learning this course, it would be a significant step for students either to pursuer academic post-graduate study or to join industrial R/D organizations.

    Course Outlines 

  • Subject Content
  • Assessment
  • Late Penalties
  • Text Book
  • Recommended References
  • Policy on Copying Assignments
  • Continual Course Improvement
  • Further Information
  • Assignments
  • Lecture Notes
  • Contacts

  • Subject Contents 


    The assessment for this subject will consistent of:

    The assignments will be programming assignments closely related to the lectures. Details of the assignments will be provided in due time.

    Late Penalties

    Students are strongly advised to start early and do not wait until the last minute. Student will lose 2 marks out of 30 for each day that the assignment is later. Extensions will not be granted unless you have legitimate reasons and have let the LiC know ASAP, preferably one week before its due date.

    Text Books

    There is no set textbook. Lecture notes provide a sufficient coverage over all materials.



    Copying in assignments is unacceptable. Assignments will be checked. The penalties for copying range from receiving no marks for the assignment to complete failure of the subject.

    Further details of the School plagiarism policy can be found here. (You acknowledged receipt of these rules when you obtained your CSE computer account, and the link above is for your convenience so that you can review the rules now.)

    Continual Course Improvement

    The CATEI evaluation from the last time we taught this course showed that students were almost satisfied with most of the aspects of the course. Thus we intend to maintain the similar style and key structure for the up-coming offering. In order to further improve our teaching quality, we will increase tutorial time and ensure that feedback is delivered in a timely fashion.

    Futher Information


    Lecture Notes


      Associate Professor (NICTA Conjoint) Jian Zhang -- General enquiries, All Lectures and Assignments Room E308, UNSW L5 Building (NICTA)



      Dr. Reji Mathew -- Lectures 1-5 and Assignment 1

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