Sunset at Kata Tjuta

Christoph Schwering

I'm a postdoc at UNSW Sydney. Before that, I did a PhD at RWTH Aachen in Gerhard Lakemeyer's group.

My research concerns commonsense reasoning, a branch of artifial intelligence. I'm particularly interested in computationally tractable and explainable logical reasoning, from a theoretic and a practical perspective. Some outcomes:

  1. Limbo, a limited-belief reasoning system written in C++ (also see the papers), 2014–now — code, demos
  2. C. Schwering, G. Lakemeyer, M. Pagnucco, Belief revision and projection in the epistemic situation calculus, Artificial Intelligence, vol. 251, 2017 — pdf, bib
  3. C. Schwering, A Reasoning System for a First-Order Logic of Limited Belief, IJCAI, 2017 — pdf, proofs, bib, slides
  4. Y. Chen, A. Saffidine, C. Schwering, The Complexity of Limited Belief Reasoning—The Quantifier-Free Case, IJCAI, 2018 — pdf, proofs, bib, slides
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