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Christoph Schwering

I'm a postdoc in Artificial Intelligence at UNSW Sydney. I did my PhD with Gerhard Lakemeyer at RWTH Aachen.

My research concerns commonsense reasoning, including tractable reasoning about knowledge and actions.

In particular, I'm working on the Limbo reasoning system for tractable reasoning about incomplete knowledge, conditional belief, and actions. The theory is in this paper, the source code is on Github, and there are web-demos to play around with.

Some of my papers (a complete list is here):

  1. C. Schwering, G. Lakemeyer, M. Pagnucco, Belief revision and projection in the epistemic situation calculus, Artificial Intelligence, vol. 251, 2017 — pdf, bib
  2. C. Schwering, A Reasoning System for a First-Order Logic of Limited Belief, IJCAI, 2017 — pdf, proofs, bib, slides
  3. Y. Chen, A. Saffidine, C. Schwering, The Complexity of Limited Belief Reasoning—The Quantifier-Free Case, IJCAI, 2018 — pdf, proofs, bib, slides
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