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Christoph Schwering

Good day! I'm a postdoc with Maurice Pagnucco in the Artificial Intelligence group at The University of New South Wales in Sydney. I studied Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University; my doctoral advisor was Gerhard Lakemeyer.

I'm working on the formal representation of and tractable reasoning about knowledge, belief, actions and the like. I'm interested in theoretical aspects as well as practical systems.

Three Papers

  1. C. Schwering, A Reasoning System for a First-Order Logic of Limited Belief, IJCAI, 2017 — pdf, proofs, bib, slides
  2. C. Schwering, G. Lakemeyer, M. Pagnucco, Belief revision and projection in the epistemic situation calculus, Artificial Intelligence, vol. 251, 2017 — pdf, bib
  3. C. Schwering, G. Lakemeyer, Spatio-Temporal Reasoning about Traffic Scenarios, Commonsense, 2013 — pdf, bib, slides


Limbo is a reasoning system for incomplete knowledge, belief, and actions which keeps the computational complexity under control through limited belief. The theory is in the IJCAI paper, the source code (C++) is on Github, and there are web-demos to play around with.

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