L4 on DEC Alpha

This Page is no longer Maintained!

What used to be UNSW's DiSy group is now part of the Embedded, Real-Time and Operating-Systems (ERTOS) Research Program at National ICT Australia (NICTA).

Up-to-date information on our L4 activities can be found at the ERTOS L4 site.

For general information on L4 refer to L4HQ.


A partial implementation of the L4 microkernel for the Alpha architecture (L4/Alpha) was done by Sebastian Schönberg at Dresden University of Technology in Germany.

Daniel Potts and Simon Winwood have mostly re-written and completed the kernel (a few missing bits notwithstanding). They have added scalable multiprocessor support. See the sourceforge L4/Alpha page for the current status.

This kernel is now superseded by our port of L4Ka::Pistachio to the Alpha architecture.


L4/Alpha Reference Manual.


L4/Alpha is available in source form under the terms of the GNU General Public License from sourceforge.net.