CP1521 20T1 CP1521 20T1 Final Exam Comp Sys Fundamentals

CP1521 20T1 Final Exam

April 2019

Questions: 11
Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours

Read all of the instructions below while you are waiting.
You will need to scroll to see everything.

About this Exam web-site:
  • All of the files for the practical questions and the
    template files for the other questions were copied into
    your working directory when you logged in to the exam
  • your working directory should contain subdirectories
    q1, q2, q3 containing files for the prac questions
Start-of-Exam Instructions:
  • Once, you are in the session, you must have your video turned on throughout the exam period. You will not be permitted to join the exam, if you do not have video turned on. We might ask you for a 4-6 point camera pan of the testing environment to know your surroundings. This might include a slow camera pan of all walls, your desk, area under the desk etc. You should be in a well-lit place (indoors) so that the invigilator can see you clearly.
  • You might be asked to share your computer screen to ensure that all settings are as per recommendations.
  • Switch off your phone/smartwatch.
  • Place your student card on the desk.
  • Your work area must be cleared of any clutter and material that is not permitted for you to use during the test.
  • Please make sure, you have at least 2 blank white A4 papers for working out. The invigilators will inspect these before the exam starts.
  • The allotted time for your test does not begin until all checks have been performed
  • A password will be provided to unlock the test
  • Wait for the supervisor to tell before you log in with your zid and start reading the questions.
During Exam Instructions:
  • You will need to be in view of the camera for the entire duration of the exam.
  • Talking or reading the questions aloud will be prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to take snapshots of the questions or collaborate with any one about the exam. Plagiarism checks will be done on all submitted solutions.
  • If you attempt to use your mobile phone or collaborate or attempt any form of cheating, you will be asked to leave the exam environment and a mark of 0 will be given.
End-of-Exam Instructions:
  • Stop typing when the supervisor tells you.
  • Log out from vlab.
  • Wait for permission to exit the zoom session.
General Instructions:
  • Answer all questions.
  • Questions are not worth equal marks.
  • Questions may be answered in any order.
  • Calculators/textbooks/notes/phones are not permitted.
  • Calculator apps (e.g. bc, xcalc) are available on your workstation.
  • During the Exam, you must not
    • communicate with other students in any way
    • access any of your own files
    • access any web pages except those attached to this web site
  • Answers must be submitted using the submit command
  • Each question contains instructions on using submit

If you believe that insufficient information has been provided to answer
a given question, then you should write any assumptions that you think are
necessary to complete the question and continue work from there. If the
assumptions are reasonable, you can still obtain full marks for the question.

Note that marks are awarded primarily for working, not just for getting
the correct final answer. If you get an incorrect final answer in one part
of a question and use it in a later part of that question, it is still possible
to achieve full marks for the later part if all working is correct.

For programming questions, you can only receive full marks for a
correctly-working program, without any load warnings or run-time warnings.
If you simply submit the supplied file, your submission is worth zero marks.
A program that produces the correct result, but also generates load or
run-time warnings is worth half marks. A program that runs but does not
produce the expected results will receive partial marks based on how close
it is to being correct.

End of instructions.