Robot Rescue

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The problem statement submission is due this Friday afternoon (5pm, 28 March).

This should be easy to do as you have already prepared the statement in your labs. You only need to copy and paste into Moodle.

To submit your problem statement, login to Moodle and on your home page (near the bottom) you should see a link to theworkshop tool. Clicking on that will take you to a new page which has a submission link. This will allow you to enter the submission.

Everyone should submit the problem statement individually, although you will have worked on it as a group.

Above the workshop tool link on the first page, you will see another link that describes all the stages of the design process. You should consult this page to find out what yo are expected to do next for the Faculty assignments.

Design Task

Your team will build a robot to navigate through a maze, find a small bottle, pick it up, and then exit the maze. You will:

  1. design and construct a robot using the Lego Mindstorms Robotic Invention Set
  2. program a Lego NXT micro-controller brick to read the robot's touch and light sensors and control its motors
  3. create a maze to test your robot and those of other groups

You are limited to one NXT brick, three motors, light sensors and touch sensors and the brick itself only has limited of memory, so you must make efficient use of the hardware and memory.

Design Objectives

  • The robot must complete the task within a 5 minute time limit
  • The robot must be less than the size and weight limits
  • The program that controls the robot must be well organized and well documented.
  • The maze you create must be challenging and look good.

Preliminary Design Project - Robot Sumo

Before embarking on the rescue project, your team will undertake a simpler project, to design a robot that will compete against another team's robot to play "sumo". The robots will be placed inside a circle. Your robot will win the game if it can push the other robot out of the circle.

Claude Sammut 2014