Week 3 Activities

Monday 2 pm you have a lecture in OMB149 on Problem Definition (the first phase of the design process).Slides(Dym Sections 3.1 and 3.5). By Friday you must submit your individual pre-work for Phase 1 of yourLearningPortfoliousingIndividualProjectSubmissionon the wiki.

Your team will have a tut and a lab from 3-5pm on Monday or Thursday. Go to the one listed for your team.

Thursday's lecture is in OMB149 and is an introduction to Lego and NXC.Lecture Slides.If you want to try out the examples in the lecture use the programs in theNXC tutorial.

And don't forget to write in your diary! Your tutor will check it every week. For now, keep yourdiary on your own computer until the OpenLearning website is up.

Team Formation

Everyone on the signup sheets is now in a team. A list of all the teams and their meeting times and rooms ishere.

Missing/Extra Lego

Make sure your team enters any missing parts on the PartsListNXT page (under your team page).

Note that the NXT kits come standard with just one light sensor. We' give you an extra one, but it's an RCX light sensor (a 2x4 blue brick).

Claude Sammut 2014