Course Outline


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Course Schedule

Faculty lectures are in the Clancy Auditorium and Science Theatre. School lectures are in Old Main Building (OMB) 112 on Mondays and OMB 149 on Thursdays.

Group Meetings

Your group will also have a meeting with your tutor in a tutorial or lab 3-5 on Monday or Thursday:


Your team will be provided with one Lego Mindstorms kit (NXT model) and a locker in the K17 basement where you can store your kit and maze components. It is the responsibility of your group to take care of the kit. The Brixcc programming environment is available in any CSE lab.

Teaching Strategies

In the CSE project, although there will be lectures in many weeks as indicated in the course schedule, the course progression is driven by your need to meet milestones in the project. Each week you will have a one hour tutorial meeting with your mentor and one hour in a computing lab with him or her. Your academic mentor will sign off your notebooks at the last used page, will work through and offer advice on any problems you may be having as a team. Your mentor is intended as a technical resource, although sometimes they may be able to offer advice. Your mentor will help you with advice on what to do if you have trouble and may help to critique and examine your ideas, but will not offer his own – so don’t ask!


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Yellow Form

School policy on administrative matters relating to undergraduate students, including matters relating to examination procedures, and what to do in the event of illness or misadventure, may be found on the CSE yellow form

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