Teams will build a robot which will battle other robots in a robot sumo match.



Be the only robot in the sumo ring at the end of the match.



The basic idea is simple.

  • Each team builds a robot, using components only from their NXT kit.
  • The two robots are placed in the ring together.
  • The two robots attempt to push each other out of the ring.
  • The first robot to touch the floor outside the ring looses.
  • If there is no winner after 3 minutes, the match is a draw.

You may write any program to control the robot, but the robot must be autonomous, so no control via Bluetooth (or any other human interference) is permitted.



Your Robot

  • You may use any components in one NXT kit.
  • Can weigh no more than 800 g. (There will be a weigh in at the start of the tournament).
  • The robot must be capable of movement, and try to move at some stage in the bout.
  • If a robot is immobilized because it is on its back or side, it loses.
  • You are allowed to attempt to pick up or flip over the other robot.
  • Intentional damage (e.g. hammers) are not permitted. Pushing and lifting only.
  • No projectiles - this is a safety hazard. Any dangerous activity means instant disqualification.


The Ring

  • The ring is a 32" × 40" (81cm × 102 cm) white foam board with a circle marked in black electrical tape. There is a sample board in the basement of K17 near the lockers.
  • Robots that touch the ground outside the ring lose.
  • If a piece comes off a robot, and the other robot pushes that piece out of the ring, it wins.


The Match

  • Your robot will be placed in the ring with its opponent, parallel to and NOT FACING the opponent.
  • The bout starts when the Run button is pressed on both robots simultaneously.
  • BOTH ROBOTS MUST HOLD STILL FOR 3 SECONDS - failure to do this is an automatic disqualification.
  • If no robot is pushed outside within 3 minutes, the match is a draw.

Hint: Start simple: get something simple working, and then scale up to something more complex.

Hint: It is really easy to go over the weight limit. You don't want to be pulling lego off your robot right before the tournament starts.

To give you some ideas here is a video of a previous ENGG1000 sumo tournament. Note that the weight limit was different then.

© Claude Sammut 2014