ENGG1811 Sample Final Exam (21T1)

Start time
The Final Exam will be available on the class webpage at 2pm Tuesday 11 May 2021.
You must submit your answers by 5pm Tuesday 11 May 2021 (after 3 hours). If you don't submit your answers for your Final Exam, it will be considered as absent fail for the Final Exam.
During the Final Exam, you can (yes you can!) access the course material on the class web page, and also any other pages on the Internet! However, please make sure that you submit your original work and don't copy!
We will award you marks for your final exam based on your submissions.

This examination is worth 40% of the overall assessment for this course. There are 5 questions worth 100 total marks. Different questions have different marks.


Important Information for Online Assessments

Before your final exam, you must read the section "Important Information for Online Assessments" available on the Special Consideration webpage. It offers information on what you should do if you experience a technical issue that is beyond your control and impacts on your ability to complete an assessment, and the other related topics. In particular, how and what to document for a special consideration application.

Summary of the UNSW Fit to sit rule: If you attend the exam, you cannot apply for special consideration afterwards. If you fall ill during the exam and cannot continue, you should: (1) inform the staff; (2) get a medical certificate; and (3) submit a special consideration. Full version of the fit-to-sit rule and what do you when having technical issues during an online exam is available in the section named "Fit to Sit"on the Special Consideration webpage.

Please also read the check list provided by UNSW Student Services & Systems, click here .

During the Exam

In case you have any queries during the exam, please send an email to en1811@cse.unsw.edu.au .

If there is a correction, we will post a notice on the class webpage. So please check your email and also check the class webpage for possible corrections (if any) during the exam period.

Exam pack

You can download the following sample exam pack. The exam questions are in the file "SampleFinalExam21T1.pdf", and the other supporting files are also provided in the directory.


Solutions: Please first try to solve all the sample exam questions, it will offer you a very good practice for your final exam! The solutions for the sample exam questions will be available on Thursday of Week-11 (29 April 2021). We can discuss the solutions during the Pre Exam consultation at 10am Thursday 29 April 2021.

You can find possible solutions for the sample exam questions in the following zip file.


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