Qualifications B.E.(Hons) Electrical Engineering, The University of New South Wales, 1980
Ph.D. Computer Science, The University of New South Wales, 1990
Employment 1980-1986 University of New South Wales, Tutor
1986-1988 University of New South Wales, Senior Tutor
1988-1997 University of New South Wales, Lecturer
1997-present University of New South Wales, Senior Lecturer
1999-present UNSW, Subject Matter Expert, Business Systems Development Services Systems (part-time)

1993 Australian National University, Visiting Fellow
Data Structures and Algorithms
Programming Techniques

Algorithm animation: techniques for visualisation of dynamic processes, association with source code.
Similarity analysis: Plagiarism detection, feature extraction from programs or other structured text.
Automated assessment methods.

Software The give system (student assignment submission & testing),
Plague (Plagiarism detection),
sirius (on-line class registration),
Eccles (Enrolment and results processing)

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Interests and
Software ownership issues, similarity measurement and analysis of source code involved in alleged infringement of copyright.
Other Interests Bushwalking, mapping, combining the two by writing a guide to day walks in Kosciuszko National Park.