Gernot Heiser

	Gernot Heiser]   Scientia Professor and
John Lions Chair of Operating Systems
School of Computer Science and Engineering
The University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia

Leader of SSRG, the
Software Systems Research Group

Director of Forests Alive, a company that is demonstrating that it makes economic sense to save the world's forests by using them as carbon sinks.

Photo talking to Dr Merkel My primary occupation is to lead the Software Systems Research Group (SSRG) at NICTA in its endeavour to make software systems more dependable. I am particularly involved in the Trustworthy Systems team, which works on making critical systems truly trustworthy.

I also teach Advanced Operating Systems to a group of excellent students with a tendency to masochism. The course has, over the years, produced many Heroes of Operating Systems and has been copied at a number of universities. It also has its own prize for the best-performing student, the Advanced Operating Systems Alumni Prize.

In 2006 I founded Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) for commercialising L4 microkernel technology. I served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from 2006–2010 and as a Director from 2006 until OK's acquisition by General Dynamics in August 2012.

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There's a war on... between people who are trying to do something and the people who are trying to keep them from doing something wrong.
                Wilbur L. "Bill" Creech

Macnamara Fallacy:

The first step is to measure whatever can be easily measured. This is ok as far as it goes.
The second step is to disregard that which can't be easily measured or to give it an arbitrary quantitative value. This is artificial and misleading.
The third step is to presume that what can't be measured easily really isn't important. This is blindness.
The forth step is to say that what can't be measured really doesn't exist. This is suicide.

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