Larapinta Trail Walk 2004


Topography and land and rock formations are simply stunning! They range from large mountain ranges to small-scale morphological impressions.

Ron/S8_from_counts_pt3 Ron/S8_from_counts_pt2 Jan/4012 Jan/4011

Marie/0265 Marie/0241 Counts Point (Section 8) provides an astounding view of the mountain range we are walking along, looking west:

As we walk down the ridge at Counts Point, we get a great view of the mountain range that accompanies us to the south.

Jan/2028 Marie/0380 0990 Marie/0388 0873 Jan/7001 Jan/2027 Jan/4015 Jan/3030 Jan/2025 0915 0866 Marie/0269 Ron/S10_rock_layers_in_Creek 0822 Ron/S8_sedimentary_rock_counts_pt

Trudy & Gernot

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