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Home Computing FAQ


I can't find gcc on my Mac

Install Xcode which is an optional bundle available on the Mac installation disk or download it from developer.apple.com


How do I run VNC?

In order to run VNC, firstly, you need to run the server. The server is called vncserver

To execute it, run vncserver from a shell prompt, and enter in your password when it prompts for it. This password will be used when running VNC in future, in order to change it run the vncpasswd command.

Once the server has started, it will tell you where its running, eg, wagner:3. Then run the VNC viewer from home and connect to there, putting in the appropriate .cse.unsw.edu.au followed by the password you set.


I can't get the X11 middle button to work on my MacBook Pro/Leopard

Download the latest X11 patch from http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/xquartz/wiki/

The latest patch X11-2.1.2.pkg fixes a few problems including the transparent cursor bug.