Hua YAN (闫华)

    PhD Candidate

    School of Computer Science and Engineering

    the University of New South Wales

    Office: K17 501, High Street Kensington NSW 2052, Australia.

    E-mail: huayan at



    Hua Yan is currently a fourth-year PhD student at University of New South Wales under Professor Jingling Xue's supervision. His co-supervisors are Dr.Shiping Chen of CSIRO ICT center, and Dr. Yulei Sui .His research interests include software engineering, software testing, and program analysis.
     Before comming to UNSW, he has worked as a programmer and tester in IT department in Agriculture Bank of China from July, 2010 to Jan, 2014. During this period, his main jobs were the development, maintainance and testing of online banking systems.
     Hua Yan received his M.S. in Computer Science from the Institute of Software Engineering of Peking University under the direction of Professor Haiyan Zhao and Professor Wei Zhang in 2010. Before that, he received a B.S. in Computer Science in 2007 from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Peking University .