Six PRIZES of $300 per category
and a certificate

Microsoft Research Asia prize for Energy and green environment
Cochlear prize for Improving quality of life
NICTA prize for Fast, reliable and secure
Optus prize for Towards miniaturization
Canon cisra prize for Connecting & Entertaining the world
CSIRO prize for Automation and adaptation

Cochlear prize for "Improving quality of life":
Winner: Johnson Chung
Title: Polyurethane Nanocomposites using Dexamethasone as potential
drug delivery systems: sustained release and structural interactions

Microsoft prize for "Energy & Green Environment":
Winner: Pasquale Aliberti
Title: Study of Silicon Quantum Dots in a SiO2 Matrix for Energy Selective Contacts Applications

NICTA prize for "Fast, reliable & secure":
Winner: Mark Hiscocks
Title: Diamond Etching at UNSW:Towards Secure Communication Technologies

Optus prize for "Towards miniaturization":
Winner: Jarryd James Pla
Title: Towards a quantum computer: Single shot read-out of an electron spin in silicon

Canon prize for "Connecting & Entertaining the world":
Winner: Adeel Razi
Title: Sum Rates and User Scheduling for Multi-User MIMO Vector Perturbation Precoding

CSIRO prize for "Automation & Adaptation":
Winner: Gilbert Foo Hock Beng
Title: Direct torque control of an IPM synchronous motor drive at very low speed using a sliding mode stator flux observer

Additionally, only the six winners will be eligible to submit a paper for the annual IEEE NSW paper competition. The prize for the paper competition is $200 and a plaque.