Technical Committee

The technical committee will be made up of 30 members from both UNSW academic staff as well as researchers from industry

Dr. Stephen Hardy (Canon cisra)
Dr. Axel Becker (Canon cisra)
Dr. Brett Swanson (Cochlear)
Dr. Paul Carter (Cochlear)
Dr. Oliver Obst (CSIRO)
Dr. John Warren (Microsoft Research Asia)
Dr. Max Ott (NICTA)
Dr. Anirban Mahanti (NICTA)
Mr. Trichur Ravi (Optus)
Dr. Deep Sen (UNSW EET)
Dr. Julien Epps (UNSW EET)
Dr. Wei Zhang (UNSW EET)
Dr. Francois Ladouceur (UNSW EET)
Dr. Stephen Radmond (UNSW EET)
Dr. Eliathamby Ambikairajah (UNSW EET)
Dr. Richard Buckland (UNSW CSE)
Dr. Maurice Pagnucco (UNSW CSE)
Dr. Oliver Diessel (UNSW CSE)
Dr. Nicole Kessissoglou (UNSW MECH)
Dr. Sami Kara (UNSW MECH)
Dr. Andrew Dempster (UNSW Surveying)
Dr. Richard Corkish (UNSW Photovoltaics)
Dr. Muriel Watt (UNSW Photovoltaics)
....More to be added soon