Competition Guidelines

This is an invitation for all UNSW Postgraduate Students in ICT Disciplines to participate at the inaugural postgraduate poster competition. The competition is designed to foster industry involvement and interaction amongst ICT research students of the Faculty of Engineering at UNSW. Submissions to the competition are expected from the post-graduate student population (but not limited to) from the Schools of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Photovoltaics, Biomedical Engineering and Surveying & Spatial Information Systems.

Topics Targeted Disciplines
Energy and green environment Renewable Energy, Electrical Power Engineering, Photovoltaics
Improving quality of life Biomedical Engineering, Signal Processing, Multimedia Systems, Electronics Engineering
Fast, reliable and secure Telecommunications, Computer Science, Computer Engineering
Towards miniaturization Micro and Nano Technologies, Embedded Systems
Connecting & Entertaining the world Multimedia, Telecommunications, Embedded Systems
Automation and adaptation Control Systems, Electrical Power Engineering, Embedded Systems, Mechatronics

Abstract Submission Deadline: 08 Nov 2010
for sending an email with the information as requested below, confirming the participation.
Poster Submission Deadline: 14 Nov 2010
for submitting the soft copy of the poster.
Competition Day: 22nd Nov 2010
during which there will be some given time slots.

Size: Less than or equal to A1
Style: You are free to use your own layout in designing your poster.

On the day of the competition, bring with you a full size print out of the poster. These posters will be displayed & presented to the public simultaneously. The panel of judges will submit their votes and winners are chosen on the same day. The Technical Program for the competition day can be downloaded here.

Note 1: Please keep in mind that you need to bring a print out (full size) of your poster with you for the competition day.
Note 2: Each category will have at least five posters. The organizing committee reserves the right to redistribute posters amongst the categories.
Note 3: If abstracts or posters are submitted but you do not attend on the competition day, you will be disallowed to participate in this competition for two years.
Note 4: The posters will be screened for both technical content and quality of presentation for eligibility to the competition.