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I got my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mathematics at the University of Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, and Ph.D. in mathematical logic at the University of California at Berkeley, while holding University of California Regents Fellowship. My thesis was entitled "Fragments of Arithmetic and Lengths of Proofs"; I was fortunate to have as my Thesis Advisor Professor Jack Silver, one of the foremost set theorists, and as a Thesis Committee member Professor Manuel Blum, whose work stimulated my interest in Theoretical Computer Science. After graduating at Berkeley, I got a tenure track position as an Assistant Professor at the Carnegie Mellon University, where I taught for 5 years at the Department of Philosophy and the CMU's Program for Pure and Applied Logic. I left CMU to start a company, and my startup "Kromos Technology" employed several of my former CMU students. The company's CEO was Raj Parekh, former CTO of Sun Microsystems and among our investors and Board members were former President and COO of AMD Atiq Raza, the former CEO of Fiberlane, Cerent and Siara Raj Singh, as well as Redwood Venture Partners. The company was acquired by Comstellar Technologies and it is now a part of  "Kromos Telecommunications". I joined the  School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW in 2002, where I am teaching algorithms and data structures. My research interests include sampling theory and signal processing, applications of mathematical logic to computational complexity theory, algorithms for embedded systems design as well as educational use of puzzles for teaching serious problem solving techniques.



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School of Computer Science and Engineering,
The University of New South Wales,
Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia


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Preprint: A. Ignjatovic: Asymptotic behavior of some families of orthonormal polynomials and an associated Hilbert space, February 2015

Journal Papers


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Conference Papers:


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Book chapter:


Sri Parameswaran, Joerg Henkel, Andhi Janapsatya, Talal Bonny, and Aleksandar Ignjatovic: Design and runtime compression for embedded systems. In: Joerg Henkel and Sri Parameswaran (editors): Designing Embedded Processors: A Low Power Perspective, pages 97--128. Springer, 2007.




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