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What are the chromatic derivatives?


You can read about the theory of chromatic derivatives in the extended abstract or introduction of  this paper

or look at this practical, hands-on interactive Mathematica tutorial/implementation

or .pdf version


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1.      Frequency estimation using chromatic derivatives,  Mathematica Tutorial/implementation, ideal for engineers who want to learn about the chromatic derivatives, accompanying papers 2 and 3 below. This is a NEW VERSION from July 8th


·      If you do not have Mathematica you can read the above tutorial by installing the free Mathematica Player from the Wolfram’s website, or, alternatively, you can look at the pdf of the above file.

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2.     Matlab version of the frequency estimation code, still very crude and poorly commented, soon to be cleaned up:


1.     Eigensystem Decomposition based method


2.     Singular Value Decompositionbased  method, also combining the  standard methods with the chromatic derivative method for a  large boost in accuracy



Some questions on chromatic derivatives can be found here.








3.     A. Ignjatovic and A. Zayed: Multidimensional chromatic derivatives and series expansions, to appear in the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society.


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5.     A. Ignjatovic: Signal interpolation using numerically robust differential operators, 14th WSEAS CSCC Multi-conference, July 22-25, 2010, Corfu Island, Greece.


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18.  A. Ignjatovic: Numerical differentiation and signal processing, International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS), Singapore, 2001.




       Note: All of these patents are now in the public domain, free to use!

·      US Patent 6115726: Aleksandar Ignjatovic: Signal processor with local signal behavior.

This patent introduces the notion of chromatic derivatives, but the expansions use polynomials as interpolation functions.

Provisional Patent Disclosure 60/061,109 for this patent was filled October 3, 1997. Patent application 09/144,360 for this patent was filled May 28, 1998. The patent was issued September 5, 2000.

·      US Patent 6313778: Aleksandar Ignjatovic and Nicholas Carlin: Method and a system of acquiring local signal behavior parameters for representing and processing a signal.

This patent introduces chromatic expansions and describes basic signal processing methods based on chromatic expansions.

Provisional Patent Disclosure 60/143,074 for this patent was filled July 9, 1999.  Patent application 09/614,886 for this patent was filled July 9, 2000. The patent was issued November 6, 2001.

·      US Patent 6587064: M. Cushman and A. Ignjatovic: Signal Processor with Local Signal Behavior and Predictive Capability.

This patent describes  some prediction filters based on chromatic expansions

Patent application 09/897,325 for this patent was filled July 2, 2001. The patent was issued July 1, 2003.


SOFTWARE, ETC (if you need help, please feel free to email me!) more implementations to come soon!


1.     Filter coefficients for 129 tap transversal filters for twice oversampled signals for:

·        Legendre chromatic derivatives 

·      Chebyshev chromatic derivatives


2.     Mathematica scripts for the Remez exchange filter design algorithm used to produce the above filters.














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