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Ihor Kuz

Senior OS Engineer at Kry10

Conjoint Associate Professor at CSE UNSW

Linked in: ihorkuz

GitHub: ikuz


Here is my Personal page.


I am a Senior OS Engineer at Kry10 where I help to develop a secure, reliable, and usable platform based on seL4. I work with awesome colleagues on developing OS components, drivers, Elixir and BEAM support, and development tools.

I am also a Conjoint Associate Professor at UNSW.

Previously I worked as a Principal Research Engineer at the Trustworthy Systems group (variously at NICTA, CSIRO's Data61, and UNSW) from 2003 to 2021. There I was responsible for leading the seL4 engineering team and contributing to the development of seL4-based systems, in particular CAmkES-based systems.

Before starting my work with the Trustworthy Systems group, I was a PhD student in the Netherlands, where I worked on research related to the Globe wide-area distributed system project.

In 2010 I spent 9 months visiting the Systems group at ETH Zurich, working on the Barrelfish project.


Currently I teach guest (Advanced) OS lectures and occasionally supervise students at UNSW. In the past I was the Lecturer in Charge for the Distributed Systems course at UNSW and supervised various undergraduate and PhD students.

Student Supervision

Former PhD students who I have (co-)supervised:


See my publications page.

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Other Work

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