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Ihor Kuz

Senior Researcher at NICTA

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Here is my Personal page.


I am a senior researcher at NICTA in the SSRG (Software Systems Research Group) group, where we are working on developing a flexible operating system framework for trustworthy systems. In this context my research interests include component architectures for embedded systems as well as reliability and trustworthiness aspects of (distributed) embedded systems.

More detailed information can be found on my NICTA page and specifically on the CAmkES (Component Architecture for microkernel-based Embedded Systems) and Trustworthy Systems project pages.

Recently I spent 9 months visiting the Systems group at ETH Zurich, working on the Barrelfish project.

Before starting my work at NICTA, I was a PhD student in the Netherlands, where I worked on research related to the Globe wide-area distributed system project.


I am responsible for teaching Distributed Systems (COMP9243) at University of New South Wales.

Student Supervision

PhD students I (co-)supervise:

Former PhD students who I have (co-)supervised:

Furthermore I regularly supervise undergrad thesis students. If you are interested in doing undergrad research in SSRG then please visit our thesis page or our summer project page.


See my publications page.

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