Accepted Papers

  • A Comparison of Current Graph Database Models
    Renzo Angles
  • Benchmarking Traversal Operations Over Graph Databases
    Marek Ciglan, Alex Averbuch, Ladialav Hluchy
  • Mining Associations Using Directed Hypergraphs
    Ramanuja Simha, Rahul Tripathi, Mayur Thakur
  • Design of Declarative Graph Query Languages: On the Choice between Value, Pattern and Object based Representations for Graphs
    Hasan M Jamil
  • Finding Skyline Nodes in Large Networks (Invited Paper)
    Arijit Khan, Vishwakarma Singh, Jian Wu
  • Partitioning Social Networks for Fast Retrieval of Time-dependent Queries (Invited Paper)
    Mindi Yuan, David Stein, Berenice Carrasco, Joana M. F. Trindade, Yi Lu
  • Will Graph Data Management Techniques Contribute to the Successful Large-Scale Deployment of Semantic Web Technologies? (Invited Paper)
    Philippe Cudre-Mauroux