[AusMap] Australian Beers: A Brief Guide


The classic (or at least, most popular) Australian beer style is a light-flavoured lager. It's produced with pale malt, Pride of Ringwood hops and any generic lager yeast. The final product has not too much malt in evidence, with a touch of hop bitterness (but minimal hop aroma), and an alcohol content around 5% a/v.

In short, the classic Australian lager is a perfect beer to quaff after a long, hot summer day. Unfortunately, it's also a little bland and unadventurous. Luckily, there are a small number of brewers working in Australia who are experimenting with a much wider range of beer styles and producing some remarkable brews. These pages aim to highlight their efforts and suggest places that you can find these beers when you're next touring around Australia.

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