Sunday 8:30 - 10:00

          Industry-1: Semantic Web (Astor 1)


Invited Keynote: An Industry View on SOA and Implications for Web Information System Engineering


Building a Semantic-rich Service-Oriented Manufacturing Environment

Zhonghua Yang, Jing-Bing Zhang, Robert Gay, Liqun Zhuang, Hui Mien Lee


Building a Semantic Web System for Scientific Applications: An Engineering Approach

Renato Fileto, Claudia Bauzer Medeiros, Calton Pu, Ling Liu, Eduardo Delgado Assad


Workshop 1:  Web Information Systems Quality (Whitney)


Invited Keynote: Strategic Quality Management: From IS to WIS

Prof. Heinrich C. Mayr (Universität Klagenfurt)


Managing Web GIS Quality

Yassine Lassoued, Omar Boucelma


SOAP Request Scheduling for Di.erentiated Quality of Service

Ching-Ming Tien, Cho-Jun Lee, Po-Wen Cheng, Ying-Dar Lin


Workshop2:  Web-Based Learning (North Parlor I & II)


Portraying Algorithms with Leonardo Web

Vincenzo Bonifaci, Camil Demetrescu, Irene Finocchi, Giuseppe F. Italiano, Luigi Laura


Multilingual Sentence Hunter

Julie Yu-Chih Liu, Jun-Lin Lin


Design and Implementation of a Web-Board System for the Adaptive School Web Site Construction

Jeonghun Lee, Woochun Jun


Developing Web-Based Learning Scenarios Using the IMS Learning Design: The ASK-LDT Environment

Demetrios Sampson, Pythagoras Karampiperis, Panayiotis Zervas


Workshop 3: Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (Astor 2)

Scalable Repository and Reasoning Services







Time – Space Trade-Offs in Scaling up RDF Schema Reasoning

Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Jeen Broekstra


Sunday 10:30 - 12:00


          Industry-2: SOA (Astor 1)

A SOAP Container Model for e-Business Messaging Requirements

Hamid Ben Malek, Jacques Durand


An Empirical Study of Security Threats and Countermeasures in Web Services-based Services Oriented Architectures

Mamoon Yunus, Rizwan Mallal


Collaborative End-Point Service Modulation System (COSMOS)

Naga Ayachitula, Shu-Ping Chang, Larisa Shwartz, Surendra Maheswaran


A Process-Driven e-Business Service Integration System and Its Application to e-Logistics Services

Kwanghoon Kim, Ilkyeun Ra


Workshop 1:  Web Information Systems Quality (Whitney)


Ontology for the Selection of E-Processes

Frina Albertyn


A Reusability Model for Portlets

Ma Angeles Moraga, Coral Calero, Inaki Paz, Oscar Diaz, Mario Piattini


Towards Using Simulation for Enhancing Web Information Systems’ Utility

Phuong Nguyen, Sergiy Zlatkin


Workshop2: Web-Based Learning (North Parlor I & II)


Towards the Use of Web Services to Support the Provision of Learning Environments in Educational Modeling Languages

Manuel Caeiro-Rodriguez, Martin Llamas-Nistal, Luis Anido-Rifon


A Framework for Monitoring the Unsupervised Educational Process and Adapting the Content and Activities to Students’ Needs

Varlamis Iraklis, Apostolakis Ioannis, Karatza Marianthi


Web-Based Assessment Tests Supporting Learning

Sylvia Encheva, Sharil Tumin


Workshop 3: Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (Astor 2)

Scalable Repository and Reasoning Services


OWLIM – A Pragmatic Semantic Repository for OWL

Atanas Kiryakov, Damyan Ognyanov, Dimitar Manov


Scaling the Kowari Metastore

David Wood


A Method for Performing an Exhaustive Evaluation of RDF(S) Importers

Raul Garcia-Castro, Asuncion Gomez-Perez


Sunday 1:30 - 3:30


Industry-3: BPM (Astor 1)

BPM and SOA: Synergies and Challenges

Thomas Woodley, Stephane Gagnon


Web Performance Indicator by Implicit User Feedback – Application and Formal Approach

Michael Barth, Michal Skubacz, Carsten Stolz


Discovering the Most Frequent Patterns of Executions in Business Processes Described in BPEL

Benoit Dubouloz, Candemir Toklu


CONFIOUS : Managing the Electronic Submission and Reviewing Process of Scientific Conferences

Manos Papagelis, Dimitris Plexousakis, Panagiotis N. Nikolaou


Workshop1:  Web Information Systems Quality (Whitney)


Invited Keynote: Leveraging Explosive Information Growth for Creating Innovation Networks

George Eby Mathew (Head of IT Strategy Management, Infosys Technologies)


Adaptive Multimedia Content Delivery in Ubiquitous Environments

SeungMin Rho, JeongWon Cho, EenJun Hwang


Incorporating the Timeliness Quality Dimension in Internet Query Systems

Sandra de F. Mendes Sampaio, Chao Dong, Pedro R. Falcone Sampaio


Workshop2: Web-Based Learning (North Parlor I & II)

Innovative Applications

A Personalized Mobile Learning System Using Multi-agent

Jin-hee Ko, Chihoon Hur, Hanil Kim


Collaborative Web-Based Nursing Practice Learning System

Woojin Paik, Nam Mi Kang, Heejung Choi, Eunmi Ham


Learning Object and Dynamic E-Learning Service Technologies for Simulation-Based Medical Instruction

Stanley Y.W. Su, Gilliean Lee, Sem Lampotang


Workshop 3: Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (Astor 2)

Query Handling and Optimization Techniques

SPARQL Query Processing with Conventional Relational Database Systems

Stephen Harris, Nigel Shadbolt


Scalable Instance Retrieval for the Semantic Web by Approximation

Holger Wache, Perry Groot, Heiner Stuckenschmidt


Reordering Query and Rule Patterns for Query Answering in a Rete-Based Inference Engine

Murat Osman Unalir, Tugba Ozacar, Ovunc  Ozturk


Scalable Peer-to-Peer RDF Query Algorithm

Denis Ranger, Jean-Francois Cloutier


Sunday 4:00 - 5:30

Industry-4: Web Infrastructure (Astor 1)

Tool Support for Model-Driven Development of Web Applications

Jaime Gomez, Alejandro Bia, Antonio Parraga


Web Personalization: My Own Web based on Open Content Platform

Seiyoung Lee, Hwan-Seung Yong


An Effective Approach for Content Delivery in an Evolving Intranet Environment - A Case Study of the Largest Telecom Company in Taiwan

Chih-Chin Liang, Ping-Yu Hsu, Jun-Der Leu, and Hsing Luh


Achieving Decision Consistency Across the SOA-based Enterprise Using Business Rules Management Systems

James Taylor


        Poster Flash Session 1 (Whitney, Session Chair - Andreas Wombacher)

List Data Extraction in Semi-structured Document

Hui Xu, Juan-Zi Li, Peng Xu


Optimization Issues for Keyword Search over Tree-structured Documents

Sujeet Pradhan, Katsumi Tanaka


Semantic Integration of Schema Conforming XML Data Sources

Dimitri Theodoratos, Theodore Dalamagas, I-Ting Liu


Extract Salient Words with WordRank for Effective Similarity Search in Text Data

Xiaojun Wan, Jianwu Yang


Intensional P2P Mappings between RDF Ontologies

Zoran Majkic


Meta-Modeling of Educational Practices for Adaptive Web Based Education Systems

Manuel Caeiro-Rodriguez, Martin Llamas-Nistal, Luis Anido-Rifon


An On-line Intelligent Recommendation System for Digital Products Using Fuzzy Logic

Yukun Cao, Yunfeng Li, Chengliang Wang


Consensus Making on the Semantic Web: Personalization and Community Support

Anna V. Zhdanova, Francisco Martin-Recuerda


Dictionary-based Voting Text Categorization in a Chemistry-focused Search Engine

Chunyan Liang, Li Guo, Zhaojie Xia, Xiaoxia Li, Zhangyuan Yang


        Poster Flash Session 2 (North Parlor I & II, Session Chair - TBD)

An Approach to Securely Interconnect Geo Web Services

Adrian Spalka, Stefan Schulz


Automatic Keyword Extraction by Server Log Analysis

Chen Ding, Jin Zhou, Chi-Hung Chi


Approximate Intensional Representation of Web Search Results

Yasunori Matsuike, Satoshi Oyama, Katsumi Tanaka


A Unique Design for High-Performance Decentralized Resources Locating: A Topological Perspective

Xinli Huang, Fanyuan Ma, Wenju Zhang


Searching the Web through User Information Spaces

Athanasios Papagelis, Christos Zaroliagis


REBIEX: Record Boundary Identification and Extraction through Pattern Mining

Parashuram Kulkarni


Discovering the Biomedical Deep Web

Rajesh Ramanand, King-Ip Lin


A Potential IRI based Phishing Strategy

Anthony Y. Fu, Xiaotie Deng, Wenyin Liu


Multiway Iceberg Cubing on Trees

Pauline LienHua Chou, Xiuzhen Zhang


Data Engineering Approach to Design of Web Services

George Feuerlicht


Workshop 3:  Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (Astor 2)

Practical Semantic Web Applications

Towards Automatic Generation of Semantic Types in Scientific Workflows

Shawn Bowers, Bertram Ludascher


A Semantic Distance Measure for Matching Web Services

Arif Bramantoro, Shonali Krishnaswamy, Maria Indrawan


A Web Mining Method Based on Personal Ontology for Semi-structured RDF

Kotaro Nakayama, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio


Monday 8:30 - 12:00

Monday 8:30-8:45 Welcome (Astor into I & II)


Monday 8:45-10:00 Keynote Address 1 (Astor into I & II)

Speaker: Burt Kaliski, Vice president of Research, RSA Security and chief Scientist, RSA Laboratories
Title: Security for Web Information Systems: Towards Compromise-Resilient Architectures
click here for details


Monday 10:30-noon


Research Session 1: Web Mining (Astor 1, Session Chair - Thimios Panagos)

Mining Communities on the Web Using a Max-Flow and a Site-Oriented Framework

Yasuhito Asano, Takao Nishizeki, Masashi Toyoda


A Web Recommendation Technique Based on Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis

Guandong Xu, Yanchun Zhang, Xiaofang Zhou


Constructing Interface Schemas for Search Interfaces of Web Databases

Hai He, Weiyi Meng, Clement Yu, Zonghuan Wu


          Research Session 6: Web Service Method (Astor 2, Session Chair - Vijay Alturi)

A Methodological Approach for Incorporating Adaptive Navigation Techniques into Web Applications

Gonzalo Rojas, Vicente Pelechano


A Web Service Support to Collaborative Process with Semantic Information

Woongsup Kim, Moon Jung Chung


Server-side Caching Strategies for Online Auction Sites

Daniel A. Menasce, Vasudeva Akula


          Short Paper Session 1: Web Services and E-Commerce (Whitney, Session Chair - Soon Ae Chun)

Peer-to-Peer Technology Usage in Web Service Discovery and Matchmaking

Brahmananda Sapkota, Laurentiu Vasiliu, Ioan Toma, Dumitru Roman, Chris Bussler


A Contract-based Approach for Monitoring Collaborative Web Services using Commitments in the Event Calculus

Mohsen Rouached, Olivier Perrin, Claude Godart


Asynchronous Web Services Communication Patterns in Business Protocols

Marco Brambilla, Giuseppe Guglielmetti, Christina Tziviskou


Towards the Automation of E-Negotiation Processes Based on Web Services - A Modeling Approach

Stefanie Rinderle, Morad Benyoucef


Modeling of User Acceptance of Consumer E-Commerce Website


Tutorial 3: An Introduction to Data Grid Management Systems (North Parlor I & II)


Monday 1:30 - 3:00

Monday 1:30-3:00


Research Session 2: Web Information Retrieval (Astor 1, Session Chair - Calton Pu)

Temporal Ranking of Search Engine Results

Adam Jatowt, Yukiko Kawai, Katsumi Tanaka


Evaluation of Result Merging Strategies for Metasearch Engines

Yiyao Lu, Weiyi Meng, Liangcai Shu, Clement Yu, King-Lup Liu


Decomposition-based Optimization of Reload Strategies in the World Wide Web

Dirk Kukulenz


Research Session 7: Web Service Structure (Astor 2, Session Chair - Stanely Su)

Maintaining Consistency under Isolation Relaxation of Web Services Transactions

Seunglak Choi, Hyukjae Jang, Hangkyu Kim, Jungsook Kim, Su Myeon Kim, Junehwa Song, Yoon Joon Lee


Binding and Execution of Web Service Compositions

K. Vidyasankar, V.S. Ananthanarayana


Handling Transactional Properties in Web Service Composition

Marie-Christine Fauvet, Helga Duarte, Marlon Dumas, Boualem Benatallah



      Short Paper Session 2: Recommendation and Web Information Extraction (Whitney, Session Chair - YanChun Zhang)

A Collaborative Recommender System Based on User Association Clusters

Chein-Shung Hwang, Pei-Jung Tsai


Space-limited Ranked Query Evaluation Using Adaptive Pruning

Nicholas Lester, Alistair Moffat, William Webber, Justin Zobel


Automated Retraining Methods for Document Classification and Their Parameter Tuning

Stefan Siersdorfer, Gerhard Weikum


NET - A System for Extracting Web Data from Flat and Nested Data Records

Bing Liu, Yanhong Zhai


Blog Map of Experiences: Extracting and Geographically Mapping Visitor Experiences from Urban Blogs

Takeshi Kurashima, Taro Tezuka, Katsumi Tanaka


Tutorial 3: An Introduction to Data Grid Management Systems (North Parlor I & II)



Monday 3:30 - 5:00

Monday 3:30-5:00


Panel: Are We Ready for the Service Oriented Architecture? (Astor I & II)


Tutorial 1: Web Content Mining (Whitney) - ENDS 6:00pm


Tutorial 4: Building and Managing SOA with an ESB (North Parlor I & II)


Tuesday 8:30 - noon

Tuesday 8:30-10:00 keynote Address 2 (Astor I & II)

Speaker: Prof. Henning Schulzrinne, Chair of the Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Title: The Intersection of Real-Time Communications and Web Services
click here for details


Tuesday 10:30-noon


Research Session 3: Metadata Management (Astor 1, Session Chair - Takahiro Hara))

An Ontological Approach for Defining Agents for Collaborative Applications

I. T. Hawryszkiewycz


Improving Web Data Annotations with Spreading Activation

Fatih Gelgi, Srinivas Vadrevu, Hasan Davulcu


Semantic Partitioning of Web Pages

Srinivas Vadrevu, Fatih Gelgi, Hasan Davulcu


Research Session 8: Collaborative Methodology (Astor 2, Session Chair - Rafael Alonso))

XFlow: an XML-Based Document-Centric Workflow

Andrea Marchetti, Maurizio Tesconi, Salvatore Minutoli


Optimization of XSLT by Compact Specialization and Combination

Ce Dong, James Bailey


Extracting Web Data Using Instance-Based Learning

Yanhong Zhai, Bing Liu


Short Paper Session 3: P2P, Grid and Distributed Management (Whitney, Session Chair - Mizuho Iwaihara))

Reliable Multicast and its Probabilistic Model for Job Submission in Peer-to-Peer Grids

Peter Merz, Katja Gorunova


Peer-Sensitive ObjectRank -Valuing Contextual Information in Social Networks

Andrei Damian, Wolfgang Nejdl, Raluca Paiu


Automatic Performance Tuning for J2EE Application Server Systems

Yan Zhang, Wei Qu, Anna Liu


Xebu: A Binary Format with Schema-based Optimizations for XML Data

Jaakko Kangasharju, Sasu Tarkoma, Tancred Lindholm


Maintaining Versions of Dynamic XML Documents

Laura Irina Rusu, Wenny Rahayu, David Taniar


Tutorial 2: Service Design, Implementation and Description (North Parlor I & II)


Tuesday 1:30 - 3:30

Tuesday 1:30-3:30

Research Session 4: Ontology and Semantic Web (Astor 1, Session Chair - Shawn Bowers)

A Formal Ontology Reasoning with Individual Optimization: A Realization of the Semantic Web

Pakornpong Pothipruk, Guido Governatori


oMAP: Combining Classifiers for Aligning Automatically OWL Ontologies

Umberto Straccia, Raphael Troncy


Semantic Web Technologies for Interpreting DNA Microarray Analyses: The MEAT System

Khaled Khelif, Rose Dieng-Kuntz, Pascal Barbry


Research Session 9: P2P, Ubiquitous and Mobile (Astor 2, Session Chair - Marie-Christine Fauvet)

PRoBe: Multi-Dimensional Range Queries in P2P Networks

O. D. Sahin, S. Antony, D. Agrawal, A. El Abbadi


An Infrastructure for Reactive Information Environments

Rudi Belotti, Corsin Decurtins, Michael Grossniklaus, Moira C. Norrie


LoT-RBAC: A Location and Time-based RBAC Model

Suroop Mohan Chandran, J. B. D. Joshi


Short Paper Session 4: Advanced Issues (Whitney, Session Chair - TBD)

Identifying Value Mappings for Data Integration: An Unsupervised Approach

Jaewoo Kang, Dongwon Lee, Prasenjit Mitra


Relaxing Result Accuracy for Performance in Publish/Subscribe Systems

Engie Bashir, Jihad Boulos


Using Non-random Associations for Predicting Latency in WANs

Vladimir Zadorozhny, Louiqa Raschid, Avigdor Gal, Qiang Ye, Hyma Murthy


An Online Face Recognition System using Multiple Compressed Images over the Internet

Hwangjun Song, Sun Jae Chung, Young-Ho Park


The Information Market: Its Basic Concepts and Its Challenges

P. van Bommel, B. van Gils, H.A. Proper, M. van Vliet, Th.P. van der Weide


Tutorial 2: Service Design, Implementation and Description (North Parlor I & II)


Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00

Tuesday 3:30-5:00

Research Session 5: XML (Astor 1, Session Chair - Daniel Menasce)

Extracting Global Policies for Efficient Access Control of XML Documents

Mizuho Iwaihara, Bo Wang, Somchai Chatvichienchai


Querying and Repairing Inconsistent XML Data

S. Flesca, F. Furfaro, S. Greco, E. Zumpano


Towards Automatic Generation of Rules for Incremental Maintenance of XML Views of Relational Data

Vania Vidal, Valdiana Araujo, Marco Casanova


Research Session 10: Document Retrieval Applications (Astor 2, Session Chair - Wolfgang Nejdl)

Document Re-ranking by Generality in Bio-medical Information Retrieval

Xin Yan, Xue Li, Dawei Song


Representing and Reasoning about Privacy Abstractions

Yin Hua Li, Salima Benbernou


Conceptual Query Refinement: The Basic Model

Nenad Stojanovic, Rui Chen