Poster Presentation

The following is the general instructions for preparing the presentation of your poster papers:

  1. Each poster paper will be given 9 minutes for oral presentation. So please prepare some slides for the oral presentation.
  2. Authors also need to prepare a poster and display it at the conference. We have the poster boards available. Each board is 3 feet high and 4 feet wide. About 10 inches on each side (up/down) bends so that poster boards can be self-standing on tables.
  3. Authors should print the poster and bring it to the conference. We provide double-sided tape, pushpins, scissors etc. for you to use to mount your poster on the poster board.
  4. Posters are supposed to be interactive and authors will be there to explain the details. Therefore your poster should only convey the most relevant points, not all the fine detail of your research.