Speaker Instructions:

One author of each accepted paper will have 30-minutes for a regular research paper and 18-minutes for a short paper. This time slot includes presentation time and questions and answers.

Presentation logistics

As a default, a conference room will have a laptop hooked to a projector, and each speaker will bring their talk slides on a USB flash memory stick (USB key) and plug in the laptop provided.

Less preferrably, speakers may bring a CD, floppy diskette but there is no guarantee that the laptop has the device drivers. Speakers may bring their own laptop to be hooked up, in case there is a demo system needs to be shown in the talk. If you are planning on using one of the on-site laptops, you wil not be able to add software to the laptops. The machines will have PowerPoint software on them. If you have other requirements, please plan on bringing your own laptop.

If you prefer, please send your presentation slides in advance (before Nov 15th, 2005) to soon@cimic.rutgers.edu so that we can load them on a memory stick.

There is no internet access in the presentation rooms.

Please arrive in your presentation room 10-15 minutes in advance, to familiarize yourself with the room and the set-up, and to test your slides. Please introduce yourself to the session chair and hand in a note (index card) with a brief introduction of yourself to her/him.