Research Funding (Jingling Xue)

ARC Grants

  1. J. Xue. Building Secure Defenses Against Code Reuse Attacks with Modular Pointer Analysis. Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2018 -- 2020, A$362,616.

  2. J. Xue. Soundness-Guided Security Analysis for Android Applications. Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2017 -- 2019, A$357,500.

  3. J. Xue. Sparse Demand-Driven Analysis to Improve Software Reliability and Security. Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2015 -- 2017, A$266,300.

  4. J. Xue and B. Scholz, Finding Concurrency Bugs in Multithreaded Software. Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2013 -- 2015, A$360,000.

  5. J. Xue. Automating data placement and movement for explicitly managed memory hierarchies, Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2011 -- 2013, A$390,000.

  6. J. Xue and J. Potter. A Programming Model of Object Validity for Secure and Efficient Concurrency Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2009 -- 2011, A$391,000.

  7. J. Xue. Scratchpad based Memory Allocation Techniques for Embedded Software, Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2008 -- 2010, A$285,000.

  8. J. Xue and J. Potter. Analysis and Optimisation of Incomplete Object-Oriented Programs, Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2006 -- 2008, A$286,000.

  9. J. Xue. Compiler-Directed Code Tiling for Higher Program Performance and Predictability on Multi-Level Memory Hierarchies , Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2004 -- 2006, A$150,000.

  10. M. Chakravarty, G. Heiser, J. Potter and J. Xue. A Safe and Efficient Multi-Language Component Framework Based on Dynamic Compilation, Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2002 -- 2004, $382,000.

  11. J. Jin, Y. Zhong and J.Xue. A Scheme of Local Compilation of Mobile Collectors for Image and Video Search Engines, Australian Research Council (Linkage), 2002 -- 2004, $119,490.

  12. J. Xue. Compiler Optimisations for Improving Cache Performance of Uniprocessors, Australian Research Council (Discovery), 2000 -- 2002, A$175,000.

  13. J. Xue. Compiling for Distributed Memory Machines in the Polyhedron Model, Australian Research Council (Discovery), 1996 -- 1998, A$111,915.


  1. Static Program Analysis of C/C++ Programs for Concurrency Bugs, Sun Microsystems, 2008, A$90,000.

  2. Graph Coloring for Automatic Allocation of Instructions to Scratchpad Memory, Faculty Research Grant, 2006, A$7,500.

  3. Compiler-Directed Code Tiling for Higher Program Performance and Predictability on Multi-Level Memory Hierarchies, Faculty Research Grant, 2004, A$20,000.

  4. Equipment Grant, Intel, 2004 , A$20,000.

  5. Profile-Guided Partial Redundancy Elimination, Faculty Research Grant, 2003 , A$16,000.

  6. Compiler Infrastructure, RIBG, 2003 , A$65,850.

  7. Equipment Grant, Intel, 2003 , A$40,000.

  8. Automatic Parallelisation in the BSP Model, Australian Research Council (Small), 1999, A$17,000.

  9. Automatic Generation of Multi-Threaded Java Programs, Australian Research Council (Small), 1998, A$12,000.

  10. Parallelisation of Scientific Programs, Applied Research Programme, Singapore, 1993, RP59/93, S$36,000.