Twelfth International Workshop on

Non-Monotonic Reasoning

Special Session on Actions and Belief Change

13 September to 15 September 2008.
Sydney, Australia

Collocated with KR 2008 CP 2008 ICAPS 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

NMR'08 Special session on Actions and Belief Change

Reasoning about actions, causality, and belief change are well established research areas in nonmonotonic reasoning. Thanks to advances in these areas in the recent years, it becomes evident that the boundaries between these research areas are hardly discernible and that they have more in common than it was previously believed. For this reason, from the last NRAC workshop, the traditional NMR ``Action and Change'' and ``Belief Change'' tracks have been merged into a new ``Actions and Belief Change'' sub-workshop.

In addition to the traditional topics in the areas of reasoning about actions and belief change, we particularly encourage papers exploring the common territory that will further promote the cross-fertilization between these two areas. This would include, for example, reasoning about complex and dynamic environments, belief and knowledge merging under actions, multi-agent belief revision through communication, and so on.

The specialized workshop on Action and Belief Change is a one-day event intended to bring together researchers interested in the areas of reason about action, causality, and belief change, and to discuss current research, results, and problems of a theoretical, foundational or practical nature. In particular, researchers from allied fields are encouraged to submit papers and participate in the workshop. This workshop will be a part of the technical program of the 12th Nonmonotonic Reasoning Workshop (NMR-08), to be held in Sydney, Australia, just before the KR-08 and collocated with ICAPS-08 and CP-08 conferences.


Authors are invited to submit original papers on all aspects of reasoning about actions, causal reasoning, and belief change.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

We also welcome suggestions for panel discussions.

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Submissions are limited to 9 pages using KR paper format. Your submission in PDF should be sent to each of the co-chairs by e-mail ( or, subject header: "[NMR'08] session A&BC paper submission", without the quotes.

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