NMR08 -- Argument, Dialogue and Decision

Twelfth International Workshop on

Non-Monotonic Reasoning

Special Session on Argument, Dialogue and Decision

13 September to 15 September 2008.
Sydney, Australia

Collocated with KR 2008 CP 2008 ICAPS 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

NMR'08 Special session on Argument, Dialogue and Decision

Since the work of John Pollock, Ronald Loui and others in the eighties, argumentation has proven to be successful in nonmonotonic logic. In the early nineties Dung and others showed that argumentation is also very suitable as a general framework for relating different nonmonotonic logics. Finally, in recent years argument-based logics have been used to facilitate reasoning and communication in multi-agent systems.

Argumentation can be studied on its own, but it also has interesting relations with other topics, such as dialogue and decision. For instance, argumentation is an essential component of such phenomena as fact finding investigations, computer supported collaborative work, negotiation, legal procedure, and online dispute mediation. However, only recently researchers have begun to explore the use of argumentation in these contexts.


This workshop is devoted to the logical study of argumentation and its connections with decision and dialogue. In particular, we invite submissions of original research on the following topics.

The study of argument-based logics including

The development of argument-based logical systems in formal models of multi-agent interaction, such as

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Program Committee

Submission Details

Submissions are limited to 9 pages using KR paper format. Your submission in PDF should be sent to each of the co-chairs by e-mail, subject header: "[NMR'08] session AD&D paper submission", without the quotes.

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