NMR08 -- Foundations of NMR and Uncertainty

Twelfth International Workshop on

Non-Monotonic Reasoning

Special Session on Foundations of NMR and Uncertainty

13 September to 15 September 2008.
Sydney, Australia

Collocated with KR 2008 CP 2008 ICAPS 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

NMR'08 Special session on Foundations of NMR and Uncertainty

Aims and Objectives

The abilities to handle uncertain information and to reason nonmonotonically from incomplete knowledge are crucial features of intelligent behaviour in complex and dynamic environments. This is why reasoning under uncertainty and nonmonotonic reasoning are major research areas in Artificial Intelligence. The aim of this specialized workshop at NMR'2008 is to bring together researchers working in the intersection of both fields. This subworkshop will especially welcome papers that explore the relationship between formalisms developed within the two fields and that improve understanding and cross-fertilization between researchers active in reasoning under uncertainty and nonmonotonic reasoning.


The main focus of the meeting is in nonmonotonic aspects related to the following topics:

Some perspectives of interest are:


Program Committee

Submission Details

All NMR-08 sessions have the same submission requirements. Submissions are are limited to 9 pages using the KR paper format. Please send a PDF file of the submission to each of the organizers by e-mail.

Submisson requirements

Nine AAAI-style (= KR style) pages for final papers, as in previous years. We propose pdf files only (i.e. not postscript and certainly not Word) for submissions.

There will be one set of proceedings for all six workshops.