KROW 2008 Accepted Papers

Invited Speaker

  • Enrico Franconi. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Title and Abstract
  • Accepted Papers

  • Sergio Alejandro Gomez, Carlos Chesñevar and Guillermo R. Simari. An Argumentative Approach to Reasoning with Inconsistent Ontologies

  • Oliver Kutz, Dominik Luecke and Till Mossakowski. Heterogeneously Structured Ontologies - Integration, Connection, and Refinement

  • Martin Homola and Luciano Serafini. Towards Distributed Tableaux Reasoning Procedure for DDL with Increased Subsumption Propagation between Remote Ontologies

  • Gil Chamiel and Maurice Pagnucco. Utilising Ontological Structure for Reasoning with Preferences

  • Tho Quan and Thai Nguyen. Ontology Evolution for Customer Services

  • Rolf Schwitter. Creating and Querying Linguistically Motivated Ontologies

  • Dennis Hooijmaijers and Markus Stumptner. Enhancing Subjective Ontologies with Social Tagging Systems

  • Trina Myers, Ian Atkinson and Ron Johnstone. Supporting coral reef ecosystems research through modelling re-usable ontologies