KR 2008 Travel Information


KR 2008 will be held at the Sydney Masonic Centre in downtown Sydney.


In general, a visa is required for travel to Australia and must be obtained well in advance before departure. See the web site of Department of Immigration and Citizenship for information about obtaining a visa. However, many Europeans and North Americans as well as a number of other nationalities (Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan) are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) which replaces the visa and can be quickly and easily obtained through the ETA web page.


For travellers from Europe and the Americas we very strongly recommend arriving at least one or two days in advance to minimize the effects of jet-lag. For European travelers a stop-over (1 day) in Asia also helps. Please visit your Australian friends and colleagues before or after the conference!

Sydney is served by direct non-stop flights from the largest cities in Asia and Western North America. Cities with direct flights include

  • Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka,
  • Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver (Air Canada with B777; other flights refuel in Honolulu),
  • Beijing, Shanghai,
  • Delhi, Mumbai,
  • Dubai, Abu Dhabi,
  • Johannesburg.
Those who have time to spare (holiday!) may want to use round-the-world tickets which may cost the same as return tickets. Travel options with such tickets typically require stop-overs on different continents when traveling to and from Australia. Options include Europe-Asia-Australia-N. America-Europe and sometimes Europe-Asia-Australia-Africa(South Africa)-Europe.

Return flights to Sydney from the U.S. start at about USD 1600 (east coast) or USD 1400 (west coast) and from Europe at about  €1150 (Frankfurt) (as of May 2008, for flights in September). (These flights in April cost USD 1500, USD 1050 and  €1150, respectively.) See e.g. Please book flights early: flights are likely to be more expensive if booked late.

Airport transfers

Sydney airport is a short train ride away from the Central Business District. Travel time from the Airport to the Museum Station, which is one block from the conference venue, is 15 minutes and it costs AUD 14.20 (return ticket is AUD 21.60.) Follow the train symbols at the Sydney Airport international terminal to reach the underground train station.

A cab costs about AUD 35 and takes 15 to 25 minutes to the center.

As of May 2008 one AUD is about  €0.61 and USD 0.96.


Weather in Sydney in September is very pleasant. Average maximum temperature is 19.9 degrees Celsius (67.8 degrees Fahrenheit). See statistics.

Some information about Sydney

  • Discover Sydney
  • Visit New South Wales