Appalachian School of Law Shootings

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Sun, 20 Jan 2002

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The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

ENRON 1. Auditor fired Arthur Andersen fired the auditor who ordered Enron documents shredded. Then Enron fired Arthur Andersen. The White House, meanwhile, refused to release documents on its energy task force meetings with Enron.

MIDDLE EAST 2. Calm is shattered Relative calm ended in the Middle East. A Palestinian gunman killed six Israelis and wounded 30 others at a bat mitzvah party. Israel responded with an air attack on Palestinian offices in Tulkarem, killing a policeman and injuring 30.

DETAINEES 3. More sent to Cuba More detainees were taken to Guantanamo Bay (right) from Afghanistan, while human rights groups complained about confining them in 8-foot-tall cages. U.S. officials said they are illegal combatants, not POWs, but are nonetheless being treated humanely.

AMERICAN TALIBAN 4. No treason charge John Walker, the only American known to have fought for al-Qaida, was charged with conspiring to kill U.S. citizens in Afghanistan. But the Justice Department decided against charging him with treason, lessening the likelihood of a death penalty.

INDIA AND PAKISTAN 5. Powell intercedes Secretary of State Colin Powell visited leaders in India and Pakistan, expressing confidence that tensions have lessened between the two nuclear players. India agreed to talks with Pakistan, but both sides refused to pull back troops.

NIGERIA PROTESTS 6. Many arrested Police in Nigeria arrested dozens of labor activists after two days of street protests and violence over a hike in fuel prices. The government said the increases were necessary to prevent shortages. By the numbers $700 million: Sale price of the Boston Red Sox $56 million: Four-year deal for Larry King at CNN

LAW SCHOOL SHOOTING 7. Spree kills three A shooting spree on the campus of Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Va., left the school’s dean and two others dead. Charged with murder was Peter Odighizuwa, 42, a former student who met with the dean to discuss his recent dismissal.

ATLANTA BRAVES 8. Trade contentious The Braves traded fan favorite Brian Jordan to the Los Angeles Dodgers to get boomer batter Gary Sheffield. Jordan says he was stabbed in the back by management. Management says it needed more hitting power and had to give up Jordan to get it.

PRESIDENT BUSH 9. Fall leaves bruise President Bush passed out and fell to the floor when a pretzel temporarily lodged in his throat as he snacked while watching NFL football at the White House. Doctors said he was OK, but he wore a bruise on his face the rest of the week.

1970s KILLING 10. Five are charged In another odd echo from the ‘70s, five former members of the Symbionese Liberation Army were charged with killing a woman during a bank robbery 27 years ago. Likely to testify at trial is heiress Patty Hearst, who was kidnapped by the SLA. 89,000: Jobs lost in Georgia last year 1:Years out of the last five in which Enron paid taxes

This week Secretary of State Colin Powell and other world diplomats gather in Tokyo for a conference on the reconstruction of Afghanistan. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan visits Afghanistan. John Negroponte, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, visits the Middle East, including a stop in Syria.

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