Appalachian School of Law Shootings

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Thu, 17 Jan 2002

Man kills three at Appalachian Law School in Virginia

Good Morning America (7:00 AM ET) - ABC


A small Virginia law school is still reeling from a deadly shooting rampage allegedly carried out by a student furious at being thrown out. Police say the man stormed on the campus of Appalachia Law School and killed his dean, a professor and a student. ABC’s Steve Osunsami is in Grundy, Virginia, this morning.

Good morning, Steve.


Good morning, Antonio. A memorial service will be held today at noon for the people who died yesterday. Witnesses who were here say the accused gunman, 42-year-old Peter Odighizuwa, appeared mentally distressed. He was here, they say, to speak with professors about failing grades, and it was after he walked out of one office that the shooting began.

Dr. JACK BRIGGS (Alleged Gunman’s Doctor): He went upstairs, I guess, and he–he killed the dean and the professor who was well-liked in an execution style, you know, with powder burns on their shirts and everything.

OSUNSAMI: Dean L. Anthony Sutin, was a former Justice Department official who worked on the Clinton campaign. Both the present and former attorneys general shared their condolences with his wife and two young children. There are also three young ladies, both students at this college who are hospitalized this morning in fair condition. Antonio:

MORA: Thank you, Steve. ABC’s Steve Osunsami.

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