Appalachian School of Law Shootings

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Thu, 17 Jan 2002


Daily Star

A NUT who was angry after flunking his law exams killed his dean, a professor and a fellow student in a shooting spree at his US college last night.

Peter Odighizuma, 43, also critically injured three others when he stormed a commonroom at the college and opened up with a .380 semi-automatic pistol. Four students wrestled the Nigerian and held him until police arrived.

Dr Jack Briggs, who counselled the student for stress six months ago, said: “Two shots were fired into the dean’s head. It appears he was executed.

“It looked like a warzone. There were bodies everywhere.”

He said: “The gunman flunked out of school last year. He got another chance, but I believe the Dean was about to tell him he had to leave.”

Police, ambulances and counsellors rushed to the Appalachian School of Law, in Grundy, Virginia.

The dean, Anthony Sutin, was shot in front of his secretary.

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